How To Make A Baby Quilt: 4 Easy Steps Guide

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A house with babies often stocks up soft and cute quilts. Do you wish to sew a quilt for your little one? It will not require many materials as even scrap fabrics work fine for a baby quilt. It can seem daunting to choose the right materials and tools to get things done faster. Do … Read more

How To End A Stitch: Sewing Tips & Tricks

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What does it mean to end a stitch? Basically, you start sewing, you keep sewing, pushing the needle in and out, and then you get to the end… now what? You need a reliable way to end your stitch. This means you need a way to secure your stitch when it’s finished so that your … Read more

How To Make A Table Runner: Step By Step Guide

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You probably want to know how to make a table runner, but first… what is a table runner? Have you ever been to somebody’s house who was a little bit fancier than you? You may have noticed what you thought was just an ordinary decorative cloth draped across their dining table. But in fact, this … Read more

Free Sewing Patterns Online: Best Resources

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If you want to start sewing lots of different kinds of garments, accessories, and miscellaneous home decor, but you are lacking in original ideas, you may want some sewing patterns for inspiration. Luckily, you can get tons of free sewing patterns online. In fact, you can get thousands upon thousands of free sewing patterns online, … Read more