nancy jenkins from get sewHi and welcome to Get Sew, a website dedicated to bringing you the latest news and reviews on all things sewing.

My name is Nancy Jenkins, and I am a retired seamstress. I have worked in sewing jobs all of my life, and now that I am retired I can sew for pleasure (which I do, every day!)

I love to create different sewing projects, and I can work with all types of materials and tools.

I created this site to showcase some of my ideas, and also to have a look at the latest sewing technology on the market today.

If you read a review and decide you would like to purchase one of the products, I will provide a handy link to the retailer that has the cheapest product at the time. By following this link and purchasing the product, I will receive a small commission.

This will in no way add extra cost to your purchase, but it will help me to review even more products and write more helpful content for you.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, you can reach out to me on the contact page.

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nancy jenkins from get sew

Nancy Jenkins

Nancy is a retired seamstress who loves everything about crafting and sewing. When she is not at her sewing machine, you'll find her coming up with new patterns and designs for her sewing projects. Nancy likes the outdoors, meeting with friends, and cooking.