Brother XL2610 Review: Lightweight And Portable Sewing Machine

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There’s no one set age that people learn to sew. While some people learn at a very young age, perhaps sat with their mother or grandmother, others don’t learn to sew until they’re much older. And while back in the day, sewing was carried out more out of necessity, today a lot of people learn … Read more

Brother ST371HD Review: Efficient And Reliable Sewing Machine

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When searching for a new sewing machine there are a few names that are sure to show up over and over again, with Brother being one of them. And there’s a good reason for that. Brother has been in the sewing industry for a very long time and in that time that has designed and … Read more

Brother SE600 Review: Top Rated All In One Machine

brother se600 sewing machine

When it comes to sewing and embroidery machines there are two big names that immediately spring to mind – Singer and Brother. And while Singer may have been around a good few years longer than their rival, Brother has worked hard to be a decent contender and according to users, are now pretty even. However, … Read more

Brother PQ1500SL Review: Efficient And Versatile Quilting Machine

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Quilting is a pastime that’s been enjoyed by millions of Americans for many, many years, right back to colonial times. Back then, as well as being used on the bed to keep warm at night, quilts were quite often used as door and window covers to block out any drafts. Today, quilting for most people … Read more

Brother PE800 Review: Excellent Embroidery Machine

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Once upon a time, before the world of machinery was introduced to us, embroidery was an activity carried out very meticulously by hand. Nowadays, we are lucky enough to be blessed with modern technology. And with the introduction of that, came the introduction of the embroidery machine. One brand that was quick to jump on … Read more

Brother XR9500PRW Review: Compact and Reliable Sewing Machine

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When looking for a new sewing machine to purchase, one name you can be sure to see is Brother. Having been designing and making sewing machines since 1928, those behind the scenes know what they’re doing to not only produce quality machines that were made to last but to make them fit for a wide … Read more

Brother LS2125i Review: User Friendly, Lightweight Sewing Machine

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A company that’s innovative and moves with the times, Brother, is one of the most well-known and successful brands in the sewing industry. Whatever your requirements may be in regard to the purchasing of your next sewing machine, you can be fairly certain there’s a Brother model that fits the bill. Under its umbrella of … Read more

Brother XR3340 Review: Efficient And Versatile Quilting Machine

brother xr3340 sewing machine

Shopping for a new sewing machine for whatever reason can be tricky unless you know exactly what it is that you’re looking for. With so many models featuring different functionality and capabilities, it’s hard to know what’s going to be the best fit machine for your needs. However, one thing you can be certain of, … Read more

Brother HC1850 Review: Versatile And Feature-Packed Sewing Machine

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Whether for want or through need, quilting and sewing are two activities carried out by millions of people across the world, every single day. And while both of these activities have been in existence for many hundreds of years, it’s only really in the past century or sew that we’ve had the delightful sewing machine … Read more

Brother 1034D Review: Affordable Serger Sewing Machine

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When it comes to shopping for sergers and sewing machines, there are several big names that you’ll come across, one of which is Brother. A real contender to Singer, the company has been in operation since the early 1900s, with the release of its very first sewing machine in 1928. Since then, it has gone … Read more

Brother XR3774 Review: Efficient And Versatile Quilting Machine

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Brother, a name we’ve all come to love and trust with all our sewing needs over the years. This company has been in the industry for nearly 100 years and during that time it’s created plenty of fantastic machines that are fit not just for sewing, but for quilting, and embroidery as well. While some … Read more

Brother XL2600i Review: Efficient And Versatile Quilting Machine

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Whether it’s done for business or pleasure purposes, sewing is an activity that people across the world have been carrying out for many, many centuries, dating as back as the Paleolithic Era. Thankfully, times have changed, and we’ve come quite a long way since those days. A lot of that is down to the introduction … Read more

Brother SE425 Review: Top Rated All In One Machine

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Sewing and embroidery are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are very distinct in what they each refer to. As a generalization, sewing relates more to the actual creation of the garment, whereas embroidery is all about the decoration. The problem is that it’s not very often that you come across a … Read more

Brother PE535 Review: Affordable Embroidery Machine

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In addition to sewing machines and sergers, another type of machine that’s popular these days is an embroidery machine. Slightly different from a traditional style sewing machine, an embroidery machine is used to enhance the material in a decorative way. Using one of these machines, patterns, designs, logos and more can be added to various … Read more

Brother JX2517 Review: Compact and Reliable Sewing Machine

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Since the turn of the 20th century it just seems that life is moving faster and faster, and all of a sudden, we all find ourselves with very little time to enjoy life. However, thanks to the advancements of modern technology there are several inventions we owe a lot to for saving us a huge … Read more

Brother XM1010 Review: Compact and Reliable Sewing Machine

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One of the leading names in the industry, Brother is a brand that produces top-quality sewing machines for a variety of purposes and people. So even if you’ve never even seen a sewing machine up close, you can be sure Brother offers a user-friendly model to suit your needs. One of the companies most popular … Read more

Brother CS6000i Review: Efficient And Versatile Quilting Machine

brother cs6000i sewing machine

When it comes to finding a machine that offers both sewing and quilting capabilities, your choice is somewhat limited. Quite often you’ll find that a quilting machine that offers sewing capabilities, but these are almost always limited to very basic tasks. If you do manage to find one that excels in both, it’s usually ridiculously … Read more