Janome MB4 Review: Top Spec 4-Needle Embroidery Machine

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Embroidery is a hobby for thousands of people across the world and for a good few more, it’s their career. And while the art of embroidery has been around since around 30,000 B.C, that we know of, the whole process has changed somewhat. Much of which is due to the introduction of the modern embroidery … Read more

Janome Magnolia 7318 Review: Portable Entry-Level Sewing Machine

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Learning to sew can be such an exhilarating experience. Having the freedom to design and create your own clothes and crafts is great fun, provided you have a good sewing machine to help. While sewing was of course originally done by hand, and still is in some cases, it’s much quicker and less painful with … Read more

Janome 3160 Review: High-Class Quilting And Sewing Machine

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Janome is a Japanese company well-known for manufacturing a wide range of both industrial and home-use sewing machines. With the roots of the business having been formed back in the early 1920s, the company has had quite some time in which to develop its skills and expertise in this area. And it’s certainly paid off … Read more

Janome Mod 19 Review: Compact Beginner-Friendly Sewing Machine

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Choosing a new sewing machine can be daunting, especially for someone just staring out, as you might not know exactly what you need. With all the advanced features and functions that are found in some modern sewing machines these days, a lot of it may seem double-dutch to someone new to it all. However, thanks … Read more

Janome MC 6300P Review: Easy Computerized Quilting and Sewing Machine

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It’s not just professionals that use sewing machines. Many people use them at home to make their own clothes or mend some old ones. A lot of people also use them to make quilts or home décor crafts. Whatever your need for a new sewing machine, there’s one company out there that’s highly experienced in … Read more

Janome Jem Gold 660 Review: Quality Mid-Level Sewing Machine

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It’s lightweight, has a simple design, yet still offers enough functionality to complete most everyday sewing tasks. The Janome Jem Gold 660 is the ideal solution if you need a portable machine to use on the move, or you want a basic/intermediate machine to learn the ropes on. Measuring in at 10” x 10” x … Read more

Janome 8002D Review: User-Friendly Serger Sewing Machine

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If you’ve been sewing for a while, or have used a variety of different machines, the chances are that you will have come across the Janome Brand. Founded in Japan, back in 1921, the company is now one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines in the whole world. As well as supplying those in … Read more

Janome 6500P Review: High-End Computerized Sewing Machine

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When it comes to offering top-quality sewing machines at affordable prices, trusted manufacturers are few and far between. However, one company that always has its customer’s needs in mind and works hard to cater to their needs is Janome. Founded back in the late 1800s, Janome is a Japanese company that specializes in sewing machines, … Read more

Janome 4120QDC Review: All-Around Computerized Sewing Machine

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Welcome to the future of sewing. Welcome to the Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine. Are you looking for a fully equipped sewing machine that can do literally everything? Do you want a sewing machine that comes with a hard case, a 1/4” seam foot, an overedge foot, a zig-zag foot, a buttonhole foot, and even … Read more

Janome 3128 Review: Easy-to-Use Well-Made Sewing Machine

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Janome has been one of the leaders in the sewing industry for a very long time. During that time the company has produced a whole plethora of machines suitable for a wide range of purposes and people. While some of their machines are better fit for commercial use, they have a huge selection of sewing … Read more

Janome 1600P Review: Powerful Semi-Industrial Sewing Machine

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Finding a new sewing machine can be exhausting with all the makes and models available today. However, if you’re looking for a good quality machine that’s built to last and made by a reputable company that’s been in the industry a while, your choices become a little narrower. Janome is one of the leading brands … Read more

Janome DC2015 Review: Well-Made User-Friendly Sewing Machine

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Janome is one of the leading brands in the sewing industry and has been for a very long time. Founded in Japan almost 100 years ago, the company has worked hard to get where it is. Today, Janome sewing machines are sold in more than 100 countries across the world. But it’s not just famous … Read more

Janome 6600P Review: Feature-Rich Professional Sewing Machine

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With around 100 years of experience under its belt, selling to countries across the globe, Janome is one of the world’s leading sewing machine manufacturers. Catering for both the consumer and industrial market, Janome has a wide range of sewing machines to offer. While some machines are aimed more at those with very little prior … Read more

Janome 350e Review: Feature-Rich Professional Embroidery Machine

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The Janome 350e Memory Craft Embroidery Machine is a fully functional embroidery machine designed specifically for embroidery and nothing else. That means no sewing. This powerful unit is going to work for you in every embroidery situation, allowing you to even upload your own embroidery patterns into the machine using a flash drive. In my … Read more

Janome 2222 Review: Entry-Level Manual Sewing Machine

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As one of the leading names in the sewing industry, Janome has invested a huge amount of time and money into developing high-quality sewing machines for people of all ages and skill levels. And, it’s paid off as the company now has annual net income that’s several million dollars per year. While there are many … Read more

Janome Magnolia 7330 Review: Tough Mid-Level Sewing Machine

janome 7330 sewing machine

Janome is a Japanese company that was founded in Tokyo back in 1921, which specializes in the manufacturing of sewing machines. For nearly 100 years the company has continued to develop a wide range of top-quality sewing machines fit for both the industrial and home user. While the basic concept of these devices remains unchanged, … Read more

Janome DC2014 Review: Versatile Computerized Sewing Machine

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Sewing is a craft that’s practiced by millions of people across the world. While once upon a time, everything that was to be sewn, had to be done by hand, nowadays we have a wide range of modern sewing machines available to help complete the task. Not only do these machines enable us to get … Read more

Janome 12000 Review: Top Rated Embroidery Sewing Machine

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The Janome brand has been supplying the general public with good quality sewing and embroidering machines since the 1930s as Janome. Throughout its time in the industry, the company has spent a great amount of time and effort in evaluating both the market and its potential customers. And, it’s paid off. Today, Janome is responsible … Read more

Janome DC5100 Review: Easy-To-Operate Strong Sewing Machine

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For thousands upon thousands of years, people all across the globe have practiced the art of sewing. And not just out of necessity either. Sure, it may have originally been developed as a way of simply mending clothes, but it’s also done for more decorative reasons too. Other craftworks such as quilting and embroidery have … Read more

Janome DC1050 Review: Basic Computerized Sewing Machine

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Unless you sew for a living and require it for your work, a sewing machine is not a necessity. We’ve only really been using these machines since the start of the 20th century. Prior to that, everything that needed to be sewn was done so by hand. And while most everyday sewing tasks such as … Read more

Janome Skyline S5 Review: Powerful And Modern Sewing Machine

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To become a highly-skilled machinist takes a lot of dedication. As well as setting aside the time to learn all the different aspects of sewing, you also need to put in a lot of practice in order to really hone your skills. It’s not usually something people perfect in a matter of minutes and not … Read more

Janome HD3000 Review: Sturdy User-Friendly Sewing Machine

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Finding a good quality sewing machine that’s capable of handling thick or heavy materials can be frustrating, regardless of how much you know about them. Not because there aren’t many to choose from, quite the opposite. There are a huge number of sewing machines available on the market today. The problem is that not all … Read more

Janome 8077 Review: Lightweight Computerized Sewing Machine

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The Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine with 30 Built-In Stitches is the automatic sewing machine of your dreams. I’m talking quality. Automatic needle threader, bright LED screen, easily compatible with foot control, reverse stitching, an auto-declutch bobbin winder – the whole nine yards. In my Janome 8077 review, I am going to explain to you … Read more

Janome 2212 Review: High Quality Starter Sewing Machine

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One of the leading brands in the sewing industry, Janome is a Japanese company formed almost 100 years ago. Since the release of its first sewing machine, it’s gone from strength to strength developing and producing great quality products that the general public can afford. In 1979 Janome produced the world’s first programmable sewing machine. … Read more

Janome JW8100 Review: Powerful High-Tech Sewing Machine

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Sewing doesn’t have to be something that’s only done for a purpose. It’s a valuable skill that people of all ages can enjoy and use as they wish, whether it be to mend and sew clothes or to create ornate quilts and other pretty home crafts. To help more people have the opportunity to sew … Read more

Janome 8900 Review: The Ultimate Quilting And Sewing Machine

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Janome is a leading name in the world of sewing, quilting, and embroidery. It’s renowned for producing reliable, high-quality machines at affordable prices and to date have sold more than 50 million sewing machines worldwide. And the trouble now lies not in which manufacturer to turn to, but in which model to choose. There are … Read more

Janome 1000CPX Review: Top-Quality Coverstitch Sewing Machine

janome 1000cpx sewing machine

Many thousands of years ago when the art of sewing was first invented, there was no fancy machine to help mend or make clothes or drapes or other pieces of craftwork. Everything was done painstakingly by hand. And, as you can imagine, this was quite often a very lengthy process. Nowadays, there’s a mechanical or … Read more

Janome HD1000 Review: Heavy-Duty Simple-To-Use Sewing Machine

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Janome is a highly respectable company well known within the sewing industry. Having been in operation since 1921, the company has designed, developed, and sold millions of sewing machines to people all over the world in both the commercial and consumer sectors. Any company that’s been in business for that long is sure to have … Read more

Janome Skyline S3 Review: Mid-Range Feature-Packed Sewing Machine

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Sewing is a craft that’s been around for thousands of years. And while it may have been created out of need as opposed to want, nowadays it covers both on a wide scale. Sewing practices evolved largely with the introduction of sewing machines. No longer is everything you wear handmade. In fact, there is probably … Read more