Sewing Books For Beginners: A Few Titles To Start With

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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” – As quoted by Charles W. Eliot in “The Happy Life.” Are you an amateur in the world of sewing and want to learn more? What better than referring to a … Read more

Sewing Organizations: Meet Other Sewers!

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You are an amateur and wish to pursue sewing as a hobby, and you refer to books, online tutorials, and start sewing projects. But what happens after completing 10-20 sewing projects, and you get to know that you love to sew and want to share your tips and tricks with others and learn from them … Read more

How To Sew Terry Cloth Edge: All You Need To Know

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The fabric used in manufacturing or knitting a towel is terry cloth. They have a high capacity to absorb water. The fashion industry is incorporating the terry fabric due to its soft and luxurious fiber content. Babies to adults, everyone finds products from this material quite comfortable for their delicate nature and water or moisture-retaining … Read more

How To Sew On A Zipper With A Sewing Machine: 10 Easy Steps

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The scope of zippers in the global market has increased exponentially. Their applications in various industries have widened the market share and size. Zippers were invented in the 1900s, and soon after a few years, they were used in dresses and bags. As well as being functional, zippers have grown to be extremely fashionable. Sewing … Read more

Who Made The First Sewing Machine: A Brief History

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Whenever you start using a device or machine, you must know the actual mechanism involved that helps in its functioning. Similarly, one must also be aware of the evolution and innovations that took place over the years. Almost all machines that are available today use the operational techniques that date back to thousands of years … Read more

Sewing Facts: A Few Interesting Things To Know

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For in-depth knowledge about the whole concept of sewing, one must also be aware of the related facts and information. The entire mechanism of sewing is not a very easy concept. Through the years, the techniques have evolved, and with innovations, regular sewing has become much more convenient. Let’s take a look at the various … Read more

Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machine: What’s The Difference?

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Are you new to sewing and wondering what exactly are the differences between mechanical and computerized sewing machine? The debate about mechanical vs computerized sewing machine has been going on since the development of computerized sewing machines. Each of these machines is different with many pros and cons so it all comes down to the … Read more

How To Sew In A Straight Line: Sew Like A Pro

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Sewing is an art. It takes many hours of practice, motivation, and positive endeavor to be a master of this art. If you are sewing for the first time, you might feel it to be unattainable without a doubt. Even the machine looks intimidating, and on top of that sewing, a straight line might seem … Read more

What Is A Free Arm Sewing Machine: An Introduction

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While learning the basics of sewing, one essential lesson is, knowing how to sew a tube of fabric. In simple words, it means the process of stitching fabrics in the form of a hollow tube-like structure like that of sleeves or pants. This technique is a free arm and also requires a machine with one. … Read more

Serger Stitches And Their Uses: Beginner’s Guide

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A stitch that adds strength and stretch to inner and outer fabric seams, smoothens rough edges, and helps in embellishing your garment is known as the serger stitch. It can get a little overwhelming to decide on the sewing project you plan to undertake and to finalize the type of fabric you have in hand. … Read more

How To Teach A Child To Sew: Best Practices

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Sewing is one of the most creative and engaging activities to take up with young children. Kids of any age can learn sewing (of any form!), and it is very beneficial for their developing their dexterity and overall coordination. So, how to teach a child to sew? Patience is a trait you should have to … Read more

How To Sew A Buttonhole With A Sewing Machine: Full Guide

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Buttons present a fashionable act when it comes to enhancing the overall look of apparel. They are available in different shapes and sizes. A lot of different varieties are manufactured, keeping in view the color and its usage. Types and Applications of Buttons Buttons serve many purposes apart from being fashionable and just for show. … Read more

How To Quilt With An Embroidery Machine: A Thorough Guide

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Embroidery machines are used to stitch monograms and artistic patterns on various fabrics. But have you ever thought of giving quilting fabrics a shot? If you have not yet, go try it. This machine can give you amazing results with beautiful finesse. If you are good at embroidery, you should definitely give it a try. … Read more

Sewing Machine Safety: Checklist To Avoid Accidents

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The craze for sewing and has been increasing day by day. People have started taking up sewing lessons either through online courses or from training centers. There has been an exponential growth in the fashion industry, whose foundation lies in knowing the basic skills of sewing. Along with all the necessary lessons to excel in … Read more

Sewing Kit Essentials: What Should You Include?

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For everyday sewing needs, a personalized package can do wonders. You do not have to search for the essentials at the time of need. For beginners in this field, a sewing kit can be convenient. It shall allow having a fantastic experience with the first project if all the materials required are available within reach. … Read more

Free Motion Machine Embroidery: Art On Your Sewing Machine

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Free motion machine embroidery is a beautiful art that involves you, your sewing machine, and a whole lot of creative freedom. This is one of the most enjoyable ways to embroider. Free motion machine embroidery is extremely addictive, it allows you to bloom creatively, and it gives you maximum freedom to play with your own … Read more

Singer Sewing Machine Troubleshooting: Fix It Yourself

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The concept of sewing both theoretical as well as practical is quite a broad one. It takes years to excel the art for sewing correctly. Apart from learning about the parts or anatomy of the sewing machine, the techniques and patterns of sewing, and how the tool works, another vital chapter in this subject is … Read more

How To Use A Quilting Ruler: A Thorough Guide

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The course of action followed by a tailor of combining multiple layers of cloth is known as quilting. It can be both manually as well as mechanically. Manually refers to sewing by hand with needle and thread, though takes a long time—however, quilting with the use of a sewing machine which is much easier and … Read more

How To Sharpen A Sewing Needle: A Complete Guide

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We all have faced the issue of a blunt needle. When all supplies of sewing a project are ready like the sewing machine, fabric, needle, thread, etc. and you have already started to sew and suddenly realize that despite checking all settings of the sewing machine, the stitches are not proper. The problem is with … Read more

How To Separate Embroidery Floss: Beginner’s Guide

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As you most likely know, embroidery floss or weaving floss is an effortlessly warped, gleaming 6-strand string, generally made of cotton but besides produced in silk, linen, and rayon. Even though cotton floss is the standard string used for cross sewing, the more sparkling rayon floss is commonly used in Brazilian weaving. Embroidery floss is … Read more

How To Make Money Sewing: Ideas For Starters

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Have you ever imagined giving up your full-time job and earning from the comfort of your home? Creating beautiful handcrafted designs is a wonderful skill you can put to good use and make a living. And you can forget about the typical 9-5 schedule, working on your own means working whichever hours suit you. There … Read more

Sewing Machine Anatomy: Parts And Their Functions

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Over the years, with innovations in the field of technology, production of around 4000 different types of sewing machines has taken place. Most of the old tools are no longer available. It is because of two reasons. Firstly, the process of manufacturing does not exist any longer. Secondly, a more advanced and convenient type is … Read more

What Is Facing In Sewing: Give It A Finishing Touch

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After all the hard work of cutting and sewing with your machine, if you think that your project is complete, you are not correct. A lot of work is still pending. A quality stitching on an outfit is not perfect until and unless you have given it its necessary finishing touches. The overall look of … Read more

Sewing Machine Handwheel Hard To Turn: How To Fix It?

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For achieving a comprehensive study on the basics of sewing and its procedures, every beginner must have a complete understanding of the various parts of a sewing machine. Every minute part of the device serves its purpose. All of them together function at a time while working on a sewing project. In case any of … Read more

Setting Up A Sewing Room: Best Ideas

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Every dressmaker dreams of a room, which can function well and effectively serves its purpose of sewing. If you plan to set up a sewing room for yourself, you are in the right place. No need to spend on expensive materials for remodeling that extra room in your house. As a professional, too, if you … Read more

How To Clean A Sewing Machine: All You Need To Know

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We have all evolved from the era of wearing handmade stitched garments into the digital era of online purchases. But tear in those garments still needs a stitch on time. And the good old sewing machine never disappoints. Sewing machines, invented during the first industrial revolution, has improved the work efficiency for the clothing industry. … Read more

How To Change Sewing Machine Needle: A Definitive Guide

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This may seem like a fairly obvious question, but seeing as how you have found this guide on how to change sewing machine needles, it must not be that straightforward of a thing. In fact, lots of people who are professional at hand sewing do not know how to change the needle on a sewing … Read more

Quilting Tips For Beginners: A Practical Guide

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The art of quilting is an inspirational experience in itself. The technique of sewing a quilt is fancy to many. For beginners, the process might seem a bit difficult. One who has in-depth knowledge of sewing can try their hands on sewing a quilt as well. It shall provide you with an absolute practical acquaintance … Read more

How To Sew Stretchy Material: Tips And Tricks

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If you have ever wondered how particular clothing fits even after a gap of few years. Sometimes, some materials look smaller than the body size, but when you put on, it fits perfectly. The swimming suits tend to look so little, but when worn, it takes the body’s shape. Similar to gym wear too. The … Read more

How To Store Embroidery Floss: 10 Simple Ideas

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The two significant elements of sewing are a needle and a thread. Embroidery floss is the six strands of yarns that are loosely turned together and generally of cotton. Using and storing a floss is a work of mastering in due course of time. Excellent quality of embroidery floss is outstanding while sewing and achieving … Read more

How To Sharpen Rotary Cutter Blades: All You Need To Know

how to sharpen rotary cutter blades

Along with a perfect needle and quality embroidery floss or sewing thread, another necessity in the world of sewing is an excellent blade. A well-sharpened scissor or cutter gives that ideal edge on the fabric. A rotary cutter is a useful item for people who sew. It is a tool used for cutting materials consisting … Read more

How To Oil A Sewing Machine: All You Need To Know

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Sewing machines come very handily in every household. Whether you need to sew worn-out outfits or want just to sit back and enjoy your favorite pastime activity, a sewing machine can literally save your day. A machine needs to be oiled to function smoothly. You can oil the machine concerning the frequency of usage. Also, … Read more

Embroidery Vs Screen Printing: Which One To Choose?

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Today we will take a look at two popular methods for decorating apparel and see which one is best: embroidery vs screen printing. When it comes to putting labels, logos, and monograms on a piece of apparel, from a t-shirt to a hat, a jacket to a pair of sneakers, there are two main methods. … Read more

Serger Vs Sewing Machine: Which One Is Best?

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Sewing is quite a broad term that’s used to cover a wide range of different techniques and processes. And while many of these terms are used interchangeably, most are actually quite different from one another. For example, some people who are none the wiser think that tapestry, cross-stitching and embroidery are all one and the … Read more

Sewing Machine Needle Hits Bobbin Case: Find The Solution!

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Sewing machines are one of the most robust yet most delicate devices ever made. It is a frustrating experience when your sewing machine malfunctions in any way during your project. One of the reasons your project could stall is when the sewing machine needle hits the bobbin case. In this case, the best way forward … Read more

Sewing Machine Thread Bunching On Bottom Of Fabric: Why?

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Working with a sewing machine is not an easy task. As a beginner, you must first understand the anatomy of the sewing machine. Every part has its purpose, and all of them have interconnection with one another. The process of sewing a fabric cannot be learned in a day or two. It requires ample time … Read more

Brother Sewing Machine Troubleshooting: Fix It Yourself

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Sewing is a pastime that many people enjoy. There’s something about creating your own work that gives a huge sense of satisfaction. What’s not so satisfying about sewing is when you’re in the middle of your project and the machine goes wrong. Thankfully, if you own a Brother sewing machine, that shouldn’t happen too often. … Read more

What Is Sublimation Paper: An Introduction To Printing

what is sublimation paper

If you have ever thought about the process in which you can print any design to personalize your t-shirt, read the complete article. Well, the process is known as sublimation, and a sublimation paper requires the same. As a beginner in sewing and printing, you must be wondering what is sublimation paper? As per this … Read more

Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming: Main Reasons And Solutions

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Picture this. You gather all the stuff (fabric, threads, needles, buttons, and all other accessories) you require for your sewing project and sit down to begin and then, your sewing machine jams! How would you feel? What happens to your project? This one question has affected sewers at some point in their journey, whether you … Read more

How To Fix A Sewing Machine: Beginner’s Guide

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The craft of using needle and thread dates back to time immemorial. This archaic art includes the stitching of fabrics, leather, and many other similar materials. With the invention of the sewing machine, the work of stitching became faster and has broadened its scope as well. However, when there is the involvement of machines with … Read more

Shears Vs Scissors: What’s The Difference?

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Scissors and shears are known as a similar term. But they are quite different from each other. Although they serve the same primary purpose of cutting or slicing thin materials. But from the arena of sewing, both of them have distinctive features in terms of structure, mechanism functions, etc. Shears Vs Scissors: Overview Structural Description … Read more

Types Of Sewing Machines: The Differences Explained

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A sewing machine is a robust and sturdy device used to sew different types of fabric or materials together by means of different kinds of thread. These machines are one of the greatest inventions that have revolutionized the textile industry and have been evolving ever since its inception during the industrial revolution. Sewing machines are … Read more

How To Sharpen Pinking Shears: A Thorough Guide

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Among the necessary materials required while sewing for a project like a sewing machine, needle, thread, zipper’s foot, etc., another critical supply is the pinking shear. Although they are commonly referred to as scissors, there are differences in them. Unlike scissors used in usual household utility, a pinking shear has saw-like teeth structures along with … Read more

How To Sew Jeans: Make Your Own Fancy Pair

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Versatile and timeless, Jeans are a fashionable garment worn by men and women worldwide since the late 1800s. Over the past few centuries, it has evolved and gained immense popularity among various cultures. Jeans are by far the most comfortable yet most daunting garment to be mastered by mankind! Like every individual, every pair of … Read more

How To Make A Tablecloth: Step By Step Guide

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The living and dining space is a common area when all the members of the family like to spend some quality time with each other. In this busy life schedule, people hardly find some family time. The dining area is one such corner of the house, which is the most attractive space. As per the … Read more

How To Cut Fabric Straight: A Thorough Guide

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Sewing will definitely need a lot of exciting learning for beginners, from choosing the right fabric, cutting it accurately, to measuring the fabric, and many more. It is important to take note of some basic tips and tricks to ensure faster sewing. An improper fabric cut can make your garment look shabby. Hence, make sure … Read more

Hand Sewing Techniques: 7 Stitches For Beginners

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Have you been thinking about getting serious about sewing? If so, you are going to need to learn the best hand sewing techniques. Even though your sewing machine will do most of the work on your behalf, if you really want to be a professional seamstress or tailor, you must learn some old-fashion hand stitching … Read more

Gifts For Sewer: 13 Ideas For A Practical Gift

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Are you thinking about how to thank your friend for the beautiful gown she made for you? Why not surprise your sewer friend with a fantastic gift. Please choose the one that will make their sewing work easier, organized, and accurate. Though sewers are a creative lot, choosing the best gift for sewers can be … Read more

Beginner Sewing Patterns: 8 Ideas To Start With

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Starting to sew can feel like starting up a mountain from the very bottom with no idea how to get to the top, or where the top even is. What I want to say is that sewing can feel daunting to a beginner. To get you on the right path and to make sewing feel … Read more

How To Sew Piping On A Pillow: A Complete Guide

how to sew piping on a pillow featured

Piping is adding a separate fabric stitched to the edges for some extra attraction. The technique of how to sew piping on a pillow is quite straightforward. Piping can be of two types: corded as well as without cord. A folded strip is added on the sides of a fabric to form like a pipe-like structure. Hence, … Read more