Best Sewing Machine For Making Clothes: 3 Top Rated Models

In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Brother XR9550PRW | Best Overall Choice: Singer 9960

best sewing machine for making clothesEveryone dreams of being able to make their own clothing at home. In order to be your own fashion master, you need the best sewing machine for making clothes. This can not only be a rewarding experience, but you can save yourself tons of money by making your own clothes.

The three machines we are going to look at today are not just great at making experimental clothing for yourself, but also for your friends and family. How great would it be to make your children good-quality clothing without spending a fortune all the time? Great, I know!

These machines come with all of the best features for making clothing. These are some of the most high-tech sewing machines on the market. But don’t let that scare you, because they are all extremely affordable. These are mid-grade machines with premium power and performance that can make excellent clothing.

Top Rated Sewing Machine For Making Clothes

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Best Overall

Singer 9960

Best Overall
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Best Budget

Brother XR9550PRW

Best Budget
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Juki HZL-F600

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Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine – Best Overall

singer 9960The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine is undoubtedly the best sewing machine for making clothing. I mean, just look at it! The 9960 is a computerized unit full of easy features that let you lust after your creative fashion dreams. It is ideal for sewing fashions thanks to its enormous stockpile of built-in stitches, its autopilot mode, its extension table, and its bonus accessories.

Fashion Accessories

When setting yourself up with a new computerized sewing machine for clothing, it is important to have some great accessories that will help you customize your own fashions. With the 9960 Quantum Stylist, you get tons of awesome sewing machine accessories and lots of sewing machine feet that can help see you through every type of situation.

This sewing machine also comes with over 600 built-in stitches to allow your creative visions to take form. You get alphanumeric fonts, 1-step buttonholes, decorative stitches, and so much more. This machine even offers mirror imaging and stitch elongation to further boost your creative possibilities.

High-Speed Sewer

As a high-speed sewing machine, the 9960 boasts an impressive 850 stitches per minute. Not only is it a great machine for beginners to break into the world of sewing, but it is fast enough for pros to quickly speed through various clothing projects.

There are many other features that will help speed up your fashion sewing, like the automatic needle threader, the intuitive backlit display, the simple control panel, and the exclusive buttonhole underplate.

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing & Quilting Machine – Budget Pick

brother xr9500prwIf you are looking for a simple, effective, and well-designed unit for making clothes, the Brother XR9550PRW Sewing & Quilting Machine is a great option for you. It comes with an automatic needle threader, protective cover, an immense work area, and 165 unique stitches that come fully built into the machine. It even has an LCD screen to help you easily switch between your settings and stitches.

Highly Recommended

This is one of the highest recommended sewing machines that I have ever come across. Anyone who uses the Brother XR9550PRW absolutely loves it. People love the smart controls, the backlit display, its clean presentation and the way it looks on their table, and the overall sleek design that makes it such an appealing sewing machine.

While the machine’s features are great, it looks and performs even better. This is one of the most comfortable sewing machines around today. It comes included with eight usable sewing feet and full customer support that never ceases to fix your problem, whatever it may be. Brother is always looking out for their customers.

Geared for Fashion

This is definitely a sewing machine for fashion lovers. It comes with 165 stitches, utility, heirloom, and decorative – plus eight different types of buttonholes. You can sew buttons until you don’t like buttons anymore. There are even 55 alphanumeric stitches they can help in all areas of fashion sewing.

The machine is easy to thread, easy to use, and is an ideal tool for learning how to master the art of fashion creation. As a beginner or an intermediate, you will have a wonderful time making shirts, pants, dresses, and any other kind of garment.

Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

juki hzl f600The Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine is a budget sewer that still gets the job done. This machine is not only for sewing clothing but is also a preferred machine for quilting. It offers great free-motion capabilities, it comes with a wide area for sewing, and it has enough power to sew light materials like lace and fleece, or heavy materials like leather and denim.

Free Motion

If you don’t know what free-motion sewing is, it is basically the idea of sewing without using the dog feed. Free sewing is when you control the fabric and dictate the speed. With Juki’s great computerized sewing machine, you can do some serious free-motion sewing. This can be extremely fun for making unique clothing.

Beyond clothing, free motion is awesome for arts and crafts, and especially for embroidering. You can now take control of your creativity by going full freehand on your next sewing project.

Industrial Power

Maybe you are interested in doing a lot of sewing. If you are not messing around and will be doing some serious garment sewing, this machine is for you. It has incredible power and impressive longevity that allows it to work constantly and consistently on every level of sewing project. It even comes with two LED lights for those exceptional days where you end up working late into the night.

This machine operates as an industrial powerhouse straight out of the box. Quality stitches every time, an effective bobbin winder, and a sturdy design that allows you to keep sewing and never stop. This is the perfect machine for making jeans by the dozen.

Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes: A Complete Buying Guide

There is so much to look for in the best sewing machine for making clothes. If you want to be the family fashionista, the dusty old sewing machine in your basement is not going to do it for you. You want to be able to personalize your project with a selection of fonts, with a wide array of stitching options, and you need a solid system for making buttonholes.

The three machines we have looked at today all have impressive features and they all give powerful performances, but let’s take a closer look at what you need when buying a new machine. Accessories, great speed, automatic features, and something that is geared toward making clothing.

Designed for Clothing

This is a big one. Some sewing machines are better at making clothing than others. When choosing your new unit, it should be designed for clothes. And while all sewing machines are capable of doing all kinds of projects, from quilting to home decor, crafting to fashion, there are some machines that come with features better suited to clothing construction.

One of the big things when creating fashion is being able to create buttonholes. If you have a machine with an exclusive buttonhole underplate, that is going to be ideal for making strong buttons on any kind of garment. Many machines come with 1-step buttonhole systems that allow you to effortlessly craft all kinds of different buttons onto clothes.

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Decorative Stitches can come in super handy when making clothes. By getting a computerized sewing machine with a lot of built-in stitches, you are opening up a world of possibilities for tailoring. Any quality machine will come with a massive catalog of unique stitches that can make the beauty in your mind come to life on the fabric.

And of course, it is all about quality. You want a machine that stitches exceptionally. This is critical when stitching seams and patterns if you want them to appear professional. Another thing is that your sewing machine should handle any fabric. Whether you are making jeans or a summer blouse, your sewing machine must be able to handle it.

Comfort & Appearance

Comfort and appearance may sound like silly things to look for in a sewing machine for fashion, but there is something to be said about enjoying your work. It is something of a relief to sit down at a machine you feel comfortable with and that you enjoy looking at.

This means your machine should have a simple control panel so that you can comfortably switch between settings, a wide area to work so that you don’t clutter your fashion creation workspace, and you should be happy looking at your machine.

Best Sewing Machine for Making Clothes: Final Thoughts

singer 9960 is my top pickThis is an incredibly hard decision. All three sewing machines are fantastic options to either replace your slow, old, outdated sewing machine or to have as a secondary unit for making clothing. I would be happy to use any one of them in my sewing room at home.

However, I have to give it up for the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist. This machine is awesome. It sews at an incredible 850 stitches per minute, it has loads of features to up your creativity, all of the accessories are designed with the user in mind, the machine itself is durable, and it is a fashion-making dream.

There are enough built-in stitches to please anyone, the automatic needle threader takes away the stress of having to fuss with the needle, plus the mirror imaging and the stitch elongation make it so you have complete creative control all the time. I do like the Brother and the Juki, but the Singer is definitely my favorite.

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