Brother XR3774 Review: Efficient And Versatile Quilting Machine

brother xr3774 reviewBrother, a name we’ve all come to love and trust with all our sewing needs over the years. This company has been in the industry for nearly 100 years and during that time it’s created plenty of fantastic machines that are fit not just for sewing, but for quilting, and embroidery as well. While some machines focus purely on one particular task, other machines have the capacity to carry out a variety of tasks. And as a combined sewing and quilting machine, the Brother XR3774 falls neatly into this category.

Laden with features such as a top drop-in bobbin and easy threading system and a one-step buttonhole stitch function the Brother XR3774 is a great starter machine for anyone new to the world of sewing and quilting. It’s not too big, it’s not overly complicated, and it looks good too. Keep reading to see what else this snazzy little machine has to offer.

Brother XR3774 Review: Overview

With a maximum sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute, the Brother XR3774 is pretty average compared to a lot of machines available today. However, what it can offer in terms of overall capability makes up for it.

There are 37 different stitches to choose from including some for decorative purpose, some for utility purpose, and others specifically for quilting. There’s also a 1 x 1-step buttonhole stitch. And while this may seem a little on the stingy side, just remember that it is a basic machine. For beginners, that should be more than enough to practice with. To select the stitch simply turn the manual dial located on the front of the machine to your required option, and away you go.

The 8 presser feet enable you to complete a wide variety of sewing and quilting projects. Included with the machine you get a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot, a zigzag foot, a blind stitch foot, a button sewing foot, a narrow hemmer foot, a walking foot, and a ¼” quilting foot. It even comes with an extension table for quilting. This gives you plenty of room for maneuvering around all those bigger projects.

Another great feature on offer is the reverse stitch function. This is ideal for reinforcing stitches to prevent loose threads and can be initiated via the lever located on the front of the machine. And, if you’re having to work in poorly lit conditions, then don’t fret as this machine has one of the best LED lights ever, perfectly illuminating the sewing path in front of you, however dark the room is.

Very Little Set-Up, Very Little Maintenance

Measuring in 12” x 5.8” x 15.3”, and weighing just over 12 pounds, the Brother XR3774 is a pretty compact machine considering all its capabilities. So, moving it around once you’ve unpacked it is no problem. There is very little you need to do when you first get the machine. Thanks to the top drop-in bobbin system, threading is nice and simple. And, there’s a handy thread guide printed on the actual machine to help. Simply follow the enclosed instructions and DVD and even those with little to no experience should have the machine up and running in a short space of time.

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There’s very little that needs to be done in terms of maintenance either. When you first get the Brother XR3774 it comes pre-oiled, so you won’t need to worry about that upon set-up. And even after many good uses, you’ll notice very little difference in terms of performance with this machine. In fact, the user guide even states there should be no need to carry out periodic oiling. If you do experience any problems with your Brother sewing machine, just remember the 25-year warranty that comes with it and get in touch with the company right away.

To give the machine a light clean simply follow the instructions provided in the very helpful user guide. When you buy the machine all the necessary components you need to carry out the cleaning come with it, including the brush for removing dust from the race and a screwdriver for removing the needle plate.

Great for Learners

Being quite compact and lightweight is another thing that makes the Brother XR3774 a good machine for those new to the world of sewing. Having a big, overly complicated machine to face for the very first time learning to sew can be extremely daunting. But with this petite machine, straight away it’s inviting.

The automatic needle threader is a really good feature that most learners will be grateful for. No more eye strain here, thank you. The top drop-in, jam-resistant bobbin system is also automatic and easy to use and comes with a clear cover so you can keep a close eye on your thread levels. And, even those functions which aren’t automated are very easy to use on this machine.

Back in the day, threading a sewing machine was a task that was done with a lot of force and frustration. But with this machine, it’s a breeze. Simply follow the easy to read thread guide which leads you to the automatic needle threader and off you go. It really is that simple.

And it comes with a very helpful instructional DVD and user guide for quick and easy reference.

Brother XR3774 Review: Final Thoughts

While it may be a model better suited to a newcomer, or someone needing a spare machine, the Brother XR3774 is still a firecracker of a machine.

In terms of functionality, it is pretty basic. And even though it does feature a reverse stitch function, and an automatic needle threader, it doesn’t have some of the added extras you get from some higher-end models out there. But what it can do in terms of sewing and quilting, it does very well.

Its fresh, floral design is another attractive feature for learners, and, it’s affordable.

So, while it may not be quite enough as a replacement for a professional machine, for anyone who’s just starting out, it’s probably just right.

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