How To Make Money Sewing: Ideas For Starters

how to make money sewingHave you ever imagined giving up your full-time job and earning from the comfort of your home? Creating beautiful handcrafted designs is a wonderful skill you can put to good use and make a living. And you can forget about the typical 9-5 schedule, working on your own means working whichever hours suit you.

There are many ways you can monetize your sewing talent to sustain a business in the long haul. Trending clothes and accessories have always been the best-selling products in the world and it’s probably never going to change. And the people who make them are never enough to meet the growing demands. Read on to know what more you can do with your expertise.

Ideas For Making Money Sewing

Make Custom Garments

Millions of people around the world often find it difficult to get the right fitting readymade garments. Sewers are like saviors for them. You can offer custom-fit garments for office wear, regular wear, weddings, Halloween costumes, and a lot more. Once people start liking your sewing skills and fittings of the clothes, they will spread the word. You can ask new customers for their feedback and references for more orders.

You can reach out to organizations where employees are supposed to wear uniforms; educational institutions requiring uniforms. You can offer to make designer clothes at half price to attract customers interested in designer brands.

online shopOnline Shop

Another great option is to either tie-up with an e-commerce website selling designer clothes or make your own eCommerce website. Whichever is feasible for you, display your best designs at affordable rates on the website. An online shop is any day, a great way to connect with the customers. This is an excellent choice if you wish to get famous and earn a regular cash flow with your brand name.

Repair And Alteration Services 

This is something you can do right away, along with your sewing work. Offering quick fixes and alteration services are good enough to earn some extra income. People being stuck with ill-fitting garments often land up at sewers for alteration. And there will be others who just want a quick fix for a broken zip, rips, tears, or buttons. People who love wearing expensive branded clothes will also be glad to get a repair done for their favorites dresses rather than getting a new one.

Sewing Tutorials/ Class

If you think you are pretty clear with your sewing techniques and can explain it to a bunch of beginners, go for it. You can set up an online video tutorial weekly or arrange for students to come to your workspace for learning. It will not only help you brush up your necessary skills as a sewer but will allow you to expand your work by hiring your students for projects. There are many kids also who find sewing and embroidery work interesting. You can mentor them for their upcoming school projects to create some cool artifacts.

Sell Hand-Made Accessories At Craft Fairs

Besides garments, you can sell different types of bags, soft toys, quilts, and accessories. Start by making small numbers of these items for the craft fair. If people like what you made, take bulk orders to reap the benefits.

home decorHome Decor

You can sew cushions, tablecloths, curtains, and blankets using your designer prowess. Many people do not like store-bought patterns of curtains while renovating their house. You can help such people by offering them custom-made designs as per their preference. You can invest your time in a very thoughtful and profitable business.


Writing about your passion will not be that difficult for you. If you are an experienced sewer, start your own blog sharing your experiences so far. It would be a great read for people who are looking forward to starting their sewing career. People often find it challenging to kick-start their hobby-turned-into-business while leading a regular routine at home. Inspire such people through your blogs. Let them know how you developed your skills and prioritized things to reach this day. You can even share any secret technique you followed to make a process faster.

By increasing the number of website visitors, you can earn a good amount of money.

Accept Unique Sewing Requests

There might be some unusual sewing requests, too, as a pet outfit. Caps for newborns or superman hoodies for the kids in a family. It could also be baby quilts, sleeping bags, baby shoes, aprons, storage bags, and many such useful items.

Showcase Your Creativity Online

If you have unique ideas to recycle old clothes into something useful, share such ideas online.

You can use the help of social media or start writing e-books. Inspire people to look at a scrap fabric as something they can make good use of. It is a great way to let people know you encourage less wastage of resources. Additionally, you can ask people to sign up for getting such recycled goodies delivered to their doorstep.

Sewing Machine Repair Service

A sewer will require regular fixing for the sewing machine. It is not feasible to take machines to repair shops quite often. Offer to repair other people’s sewing machines at a better price than the repair shops. You can save a few bucks, too, by fixing your own machines. Alternatively, you can prepare video tutorials on repairing a sewing machine.

If you are already getting overworked due to sewing, starting a new business might be exciting. It will give a chance to look at your work from a different perspective.

How To Make Money Sewing: Final Thoughts

You have put in a lot of time and sweat into learning the knacks of creative sewing. Now, try to focus on using the sewing machine as your business partner too. Choose from any of the business, as mentioned earlier, ideas to get going. If required, get help from family or friends to set up a new business venture. Choose your business idea as per your sewing preferences, availability of resources, and your experience. If you are a beginner, start with smaller initiatives and later move on to larger projects. Soon your creativity will be appreciated by the world and provide enormous worth. It is never too late to begin!

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Nancy Jenkins

Nancy is a retired seamstress who loves everything about crafting and sewing. When she is not at her sewing machine, you'll find her coming up with new patterns and designs for her sewing projects. Nancy likes the outdoors, meeting with friends, and cooking.