Janome MC 6300P Review: Easy Computerized Quilting and Sewing Machine

Janome mc 6300p reviewIt’s not just professionals that use sewing machines. Many people use them at home to make their own clothes or mend some old ones. A lot of people also use them to make quilts or home décor crafts. Whatever your need for a new sewing machine, there’s one company out there that’s highly experienced in this area and can offer a wide range of models fit for a variety of purposes, and that is Janome.

The Janome MC-6300P is a fine quilting and sewing machine that handles both with great ease and precision. Not only is it a good-looking machine, but it also offers a wide range of functionality for the more advanced user yet super simple controls that are easy enough for a learner to manage. And, considering all that you’re getting, it’s not too badly priced either.

Janome MC 6300P Review: Overview

The Janome MC-6300P is a very refreshing machine to look at. While it still features the same traditional white exterior that’s seen in most Janome sewing machines, it also hosts a splash of bright blue around the LCD display, which is a really nice touch. You won’t feel like you’re working on Grandma’s machine with this machine at your disposal.

What also adds a touch of modernity to it is the LCD display that’s located conveniently above the stitch selector and stitch adjustment buttons. The bobbin is top-loading and jam-resistant, ensuring you get up and running almost immediately upon unpacking your machine. And, there’s an independent motor specifically for bobbin winding.

More Than Ample Options

Being a sewing and quilting machine, you’d expect there to be a good choice of stitches to choose from. The Janome MC-6300P certainly does not disappoint in this area. You get 66 stitches to work with built into this machine, including 4 x 1-step sensor-type buttonholes. So, there’s more than enough to complete a wide variety of tasks.

Located at the top of the machine is a handy stitch reference guide that displays all the built-in stitches and splits them into four separate categories. Selecting your stitch is done via a touch of one of the four “stitch selector” buttons. Using one of these buttons allows you to jump to the relevant place to get to your chosen stitch fast. This is then shown on the LCD display. To adjust the stitch length (to a maximum of 5mm) or the stitch width (to a maximum of 7mm), simply use the plus and minus buttons under the corresponding label.

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There is a great deal of functionality to enjoy when using the Janome MC-6300P. And, the bonus is that everything is so easy to control. The manual knobs move without any real effort, the push buttons are smooth and well-positioned, and the on-board computer is simple enough to work with.

In addition to all the manual controls running smoothly, those that are automated also work like a charm. The automatic tension control effectively prevents bunching, while the automatic thread cutter makes light work of completing seams.

Quality Quilting

If you’re looking for a machine that has a good setup for quilting, the Janome MC-6300P is an excellent choice. Out of the 66 built-in stitches, 6 are specifically for quilting. There are 5 different blanket stitches for applique as well as a hand-look quilt stitch.

The throat space on this model is 9” x 5” so is big enough to work on fairly large quilts. And, it’s equipped with an advanced feed mechanism that enables you to sew through even the thickest of fabrics. Other features that come in handy when quilting is the knee lifter for when you need to raise the presser foot and of course, the built-in thread cutter mentioned previously.

There’s an open toe presser foot with a quilting guide and an open toe satin stitch foot which are also very helpful when quilting. While the drop feed function and knee lift are also very handy for any quilters out there.

Above Average Functionality

There are a few other things to shout about with this machine when it comes to features and functions, particularly those relating to memory. The MC in MC-6300P stands for memory craft and this innovative machine is very good at remembering how you like to use the machine.

For example, while a lot of the sewing machines in existence these days features such as an automatic needle threader or cutter, but not many of them offer a memory capability like this model. With the Janome MC-6300P, it will remember exactly when and where to trim your thread. It also memorizes at which position to leave the needle, and what stitch you were last using so you can continue without hesitation.

The twin guard is a nice touch as this automatically adjusts the width of certain stitches. And, you also get a wide range of presser feet with your purchase, including a ¼” seam foot, a blind hem foot, a satin stitch foot, and more.

Finally, the maximum sewing speed of the Janome MC-6300P is 1000 stitches per minute. And while it may not be the fastest you can find, it’s adequate enough to please most users.

Janome MC-6300P Review: Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, the Janome MC-6300P has quite a lot of functionality to offer. It has a wide range of stitches and presser feet to work with, and with the computerized controls, everything can be set up and adjusted in seconds. It’s also a very good quilting machine, that produces quality stitching that’s second-to-none.

Although it’s clearly a machine designed for the more advanced user, with all the various advanced features, it’s still a relatively easy machine to use, even if you are new to sewing. The threading of the machine is better than a lot of advanced sewing machines with the help of the threading diagram printed on the top of the machine, and it’s self-oiling so it needs no maintenance. Overall, the Janome MC-6300P is a top-quality sewing and quilting machine that’s fit for just about anyone.

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