Janome Mod 19 Review: Compact Beginner-Friendly Sewing Machine

janome mod 19 reviewChoosing a new sewing machine can be daunting, especially for someone just staring out, as you might not know exactly what you need. With all the advanced features and functions that are found in some modern sewing machines these days, a lot of it may seem double-dutch to someone new to it all. However, thanks to customer-focused company’s such as Janome, there is a sewing machine for everyone out there, even those who have never seen one in real life.

One of Janome’s top-selling beginner sewing machines is the Mod 19 and for good reason. Not only is it pretty self-explanatory and easy to use, but it also hosts some of the more advanced features you’d expect to find in higher-end models. It’s nice and compact, making it easily portable, and, it’s affordable.

And in this review, you’ll get to see just what else it has hidden under that cool exterior.

Janome Mod 19 Review: Overview

If you’re looking for a cute but functional sewing machine to help you get to grips with the basics, then the Janome Mod 19 is a good place to start.

You get 19 stitches to work with made up of a mixture of basic, heirloom, fashion, and home décor stitches. Not too many, but enough. There’s also 1 x 4-step buttonhole. Not quite as hassle-free as a 1-step buttonhole, but still easy enough for a learner to be getting on with.

Another useful feature for beginners is the easy threading system. Simply follow the diagrams etched onto the machine and you’ll be ready to go in no time at all. The presser feet are all very easy to change too and just snap on and off. Included with this machine are 4 different presser feet: a general-purpose foot which is used to complete most everyday sewing tasks; a sliding buttonhole foot to be used alongside the 4-step buttonhole feature, a zipper foot for attaching zippers, and a blind hemming foot for when you want to create a near-invisible stitch.

The top-loading bobbin makes for easy set up of the machine, while the 5-piece feed dog ensures your stitches remain accurate and even. Then there’s the transparent bobbin cover which ensures you don’t run out of thread, mid-sew.

Simplistic Operations

The nice thing about working with a mechanic machine is that everything is manually adjustable, meaning everything you can see right in front of you. While some of the more advanced machines offer fantastic capabilities, trying to find the right feature or function you want on the overly complicated computer can be very frustrating.

With the Janome Mod 19, all your stitch requirements are selected using the relevant manual dials on the front of the machine. The stitch type, stitch length and width, and tension is set with a slight turn of the knob. And if you want to put the machine into reverse stitch mode you just flick the manual switch located underneath the helpful stitch guide. The stitch length can be adjusted to a maximum of 4mm, while the stitch width can be set to a maximum of 5mm.

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The maximum sewing speed on the Janome Mod 19 is 800 stitches per minute, which is pretty speedy for a beginner machine. But, thanks to its heavy-duty metal frame, even at its top speed the machine stays put while in use, helping to reduce the chance of any skipping or bunching.

Extra Features

While it may be a starter machine, there still several great features to be enjoyed when using this machine. The first advanced feature to note is that it has an automatic needle threader that makes easy work of getting your thread through the eye of the needle. It also has an adjustable drop-feed enabling you to carry out free-motion sewing. This is particularly useful if you want to try your hand at working on larger projects such as quilts.

The speed of the machine is fully controllable via the enclosed foot pedal, and while some learner sewers may struggle with this action to begin with, it really is the best way to sew hands-free. Just keep practicing with it and it will become easier, and in no time at all, you’ll find yourself sewing at warp speeds without even thinking about it.

Bright And Bold Design

The Janome Mod 19 is a very attractive looking machine that’s quite welcoming to those with very little prior knowledge of sewing. It’s not too bling and in your face that you’ll be standing out like a sore thumb at your next sewing class, and it’s not so bland and boring that it makes you want to hide it away either.

In terms of size, it’s a pretty compact machine. The actual measurements are 7” x 16” x 12”, and it weighs just less than 12 pounds. So, it’s a great little portable machine if you do need to use it while traveling.

Janome Mod 19 Review: Final Thoughts

The Janome Mod 19 offers quite a lot more functionality than a lot of fellow entry-level machines out there. It’s got a good range of stitches to choose from regardless of if you want to repair an existing project or create a whole new one. All the controls are within view and clearly labeled, making stitch adjustments a cinch. And, with integrated features such as the automatic needle threader, top-loading bobbin, and easy to follow thread guide, it’s still really simple to use.

With a maximum sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute, it’s not going to win any speed contests but is a reasonable level for both beginners and intermediate users alike. So, whether you’ve been in the industry a good few years and need a back-up machine to get you by, or you’re new to this world and want a simple yet effective machine to learn off, the Janome Mod 19 is an excellent choice.

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