Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming: Main Reasons And Solutions

sewing machine keeps jammingPicture this. You gather all the stuff (fabric, threads, needles, buttons, and all other accessories) you require for your sewing project and sit down to begin and then, your sewing machine jams! How would you feel? What happens to your project?

This one question has affected sewers at some point in their journey, whether you are an amateur or a professional, the jamming of your sewing machine in the middle of your project can be extremely annoying and demotivating.

It is prudent that you understand why this phenomenon occurs and how you can fix these problems with minimum hassles.

Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming: Main Causes

Upper Thread Lacks Tension

upper thread tensionIt is a common misconception that sometimes the sewing machine gets jammed because of the bobbin. It is not always accurate and it could cause jamming because of the lack of tension of the upper thread and the sewing machine does not have enough yarn to pull it up through the fabric. Your device could also get stuck due to the bobbin. It could be threaded incorrectly, uneven winding causing the sewing machine to malfunction.

What to do?

The best way out of this problem is to re-thread according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Remember to evenly wind your bobbin thread and change it when it runs out of yarn.

There is a clog in your sewing machine

Lint and dust tend to collect and clog your machine if you sew frequently and do not take time to clean up your machine in a timely manner. They clog up inside your sewing machine and cause it to jam.

What to do?

Turn off your machine, unthread, and remove all the dust and lint collected in the device. Ensure that the bobbin area is neat and tidy with no fluff covering the area. Cleaning your sewing machine on time will also improve the life of the device. In addition to cleaning, you must oil your sewing machine regularly. At least once a week will be great if you sew very often.

Deformed or broken needle

Sewing machines can jam due to needle-related issues as well. If there is a bent or broken needle, it prevents the thread from going through the fabric correctly.

What to do?

Check if your sewing machine needle is damaged or not and replace the needle if it is damaged. If your needle settings are incorrect, you would need to ensure that the positioning of the needle is done correctly. You also need to ensure if you are using the right needle for the project/pattern; otherwise, your sewing machine may get blocked again.

feed dogsFeed dogs are not moving the fabric properly through your machine

Your fabric could get jammed in the machine if the feed dogs (the tiny teeth along with the sewing machine under the presser foot) of your sewing machine are not moving as it should generally do. These feed dogs usually pull your fabric through while making stitches. Lint and debris from your old sewing projects could also hamper the mechanisms of the feed dog area, causing your sewing machine to jam.

What to do?

Ensure that the positioning of the feed dog is correct so that it could have a proper grip on the fabric. Lift the presser foot and adjust according to the manufacturer instructions to avoid jamming in case the presser foot is placed lower against the feed dogs that could again cause the fabric to get stuck in the machine.

Quality of thread 

Poor quality of thread can cause too many knots while your working and can be prone to breakage more often. This could be another reason why your sewing machine keeps jamming time and again. These threads also tend to shed a lot of lint that could, in turn, clog your device, causing your machine to get stuck.

What to do?

Always get a good quality thread for your projects. A lousy thread also causes other issues with your machine. Spend wisely and witness the wonders it can do for your projects and the life of your sewing machine.

fabric issueFabric issues

Your machine may get stuck due to the thickness of your fabric. If you are into advanced sewing, you need to understand the need for advanced tools and devices as well; otherwise, there are chances that your machine will malfunction and get jammed.

What to do?

Ensure you are working with the best quality tools (thicker needle, thread, presser foot) depending on your project. Get an advanced heavy-duty machine if you are working on thicker fabrics like canvas, types of denim or leather.

Other Causes Of Your Sewing Machine Jamming

Jamming of your sewing machine could also happen if you have not checked its settings before starting your project. In such a case, stop your work and correct the settings as per your sewing project.

Read the user manual of the sewing machine thoroughly to figure out the inner workings of the machine. If you come across any issue, all you need to do to resolve them is to refer to the manual and user instructions.

Listen to what your machine has to say!

If you are a sewing machine expert, you will notice that paying attention to the machine can quickly rectify the possible issues it may have. The user needs to listen to the distress sounds made by the device.

So, you have checked all this, and still, your sewing machine keeps jamming!

It may be time you get the professional advice of an experienced sewing machine technician. They can troubleshoot your issue and diagnose the reason why your machine is getting stuck. The technician can resolve your issue more efficiently in case of more severe problems.

Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming: Final Thoughts

We hope this post has helped you get rid of your sewing machine woes, and you have completed that much-awaited sewing project. Don’t let a little jamming put you off your project. Be confident, patient, and carry on with your sewing!

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