Sewing Machine Needle Hits Bobbin Case: Find The Solution!

sewing machine needle hits bobbin caseSewing machines are one of the most robust yet most delicate devices ever made. It is a frustrating experience when your sewing machine malfunctions in any way during your project. One of the reasons your project could stall is when the sewing machine needle hits the bobbin case. In this case, the best way forward is to stop what you are doing and identify the reason why it is happening and rectify the issue then and there if you can.

First off, it would be best if you understand the ins and outs of your sewing machine. Remember to always keep the manufacturer manual handy to troubleshoot effectively and solve minor complications that may arise during the project.

Sewing Machine Needle Hits Bobbin Case: Possible Causes

Bobbin Case Placed Incorrectly

If the positioning of the bobbin case is off, there are high chances the sewing machine will act up sooner or later. We all know and understand the primary mechanism of the sewing machine. The needle goes into the rotating bobbin case, and this is what creates stitches. Now, picture this, the bobbin case is not paced right, and the sewing machine needle hits the bobbin case and bang! Your project gets stalled as the needle is now either bent or broken.

needleTiming Of The Bobbin May Be Off

Your sewing machine could also get stuck if the bobbin lacks proper synchronization. This could happen due to various reasons:

  • The device must have been dropped or knocked over
  • Malfunction may occur due to excess usage
  • Dust or lint must have clogged the device
  • An experienced person can figure out that the machine’s timing is not right only by looking at the stitches as it will be uneven in length.

Needle Not Fixed Right or it is Deformed

If the needle is bent or it fixed properly, it could hit the bobbin case while sewing and stall the project midway.

Lack of Adequately Adjusted Needle Bar

Your sewing machine needle could hit the bobbin case if the needle bar is not adjusted correctly, with needles of the correct size.

Sewing Machine Needle Hits Bobbin Case: Solutions

Bobbin Case Placement Issue

Place the bobbin case in the right position based on the instructions provided in the manual.

Please don’t fret, to err is only human, maybe you failed to put back the bobbin to its original alignment after you cleaned the device. Study the mechanics of your sewing machine’s bobbin system, and you can easily prevent your sewing machine needle from hitting the bobbin case.

adjustment of timingAdjustment of the Timing of the Bobbin

Steps to follow if need to adjust bobbin timing:

  • Turn off the device: If you are facing a setback in your sewing project due to the malfunctioning of your sewing machine, stop and switch off the device to prevent any further damage.
  • Identify where the needle is striking: Lift the needle bar and remove the cover plate to check where the needle is hitting to get a better idea of fixing the bobbin case.
  • Understand the workings of the bobbin case and the shuttle hook.
  • If the bobbin case is damaged, replace if not loosen the lock bolts behind the shuttle hook so that you can turn the bobbin properly and realign it with the needle.
  • When the shuttle loosens, make sure that you turn the handwheel until the needle is aligned to go all the way down.
  • Then rotate the outside of the shuttle to position the hook above the eye of the needle.
  • Make sure that the inside of the shuttle is stationary while performing the alignment.
  • Tighten the lock bolts so that the shuttle hook turns when the sewing machine wheel turns.
  • Check the distance between the stationary part of the shuttle and the pin that moves out of the device. The pin should be able to be inserted into an opening on the top portion of the shuttle to ensure that there is enough opening for the thread to come up after winding through the bobbin.
  • Make adjustments by loosening the bolt under your sewing machine.
  • Reassemble and make a few test stitches to confirm if the issue persists.

Needle Issues

  • If your sewing machine needle hits the bobbin case and you notice a deformed or a needle of the wrong size.
  • Replace bent and broken needles and bobbins.
  • If the needles are of the wrong size, then change it to the correct size.

P.S. If you checked everything a still your sewing machine needle hits the bobbin case, it would be best to seek professional help to rectify the issue. Contact the customer service center of your manufacturer. An experienced technician will be in a better position to help you sort out the trouble and fix your sewing machine.

Tips And Tricks

  • If you are a newbie, make sure you buy a sewing machine that has a drop-in bobbin facility making the device more comfortable to operate.
  • Clean your sewing machine in case any dust or lint is collected in the device as it may clog the system and cause it to malfunction.
  • The issue of sewing machine needle hitting the bobbin case usually occurs in machines with front or side bobbin case system.
  • Refer to the user manual time and again to make sure the timing of your sewing machine is right.
  • Refer to online tutorials to rectify minor snafus.
  • Understand your sewing machine to identify the root cause of the needle hitting the bobbin case to make rectifying the issue easier and quicker.
  • If you are using a computerized sewing machine, are you happen to face the issue of the needle hitting the bobbin case. Please get in touch with a skilled technician to resolve the issue.

Sewing Machine Needle Hits Bobbin Case: Final Thoughts

So, now you know the reasons why your sewing machine needle hits the bobbin case and how you can rectify the issue to ensure that your machine works perfectly fine so that you can get on with your project.

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