Gifts For Sewer: 13 Ideas For A Practical Gift

Are you thinking about how to thank your friend for the beautiful gown she made for you? Why not surprise your sewer friend with a fantastic gift. Please choose the one that will make their sewing work easier, organized, and accurate. Though sewers are a creative lot, choosing the best gift for sewers can be a little challenging. Because they might already have selected the best for their work, do not worry! Just read through the below list to show your love for them.

Best Gifts

gifts for sewerFabric All The Way

A sewer will never say they have enough fabric at hand. They will be thrilled by the sight of a fresh set of fabric falling into their hands. Yes, that’s true. Maybe, It is just a piece of fabric to us, but for them, it is like getting new watercolors as a kid. A new fabric gives them a chance to try on a new cut or design pattern.

Make Magical Design with a Circle Cutter 

While creating a new design involving a lot of circles, cutting becomes a pain. It requires scores of patience to get the accurate circle cut. Get your sewer friend a Circle Cutter, which will get things done in a jiffy. They will thank you whenever they cut out a consistent and clean circle with this gift.

Magnetic Pin Holder

Sewers will vouch for the fact that taking care of pins not to fall is a very tricky or rather pricky challenge. Gift your sewer friend a magnetic pin holder to keep those notorious pins in place. It will spare her a lot of time and energy in the long run. 

singer 14t968dc sergerSerger

A serger is the magic machine, which many sewers dream of having at one point in life. It can cut, stitch, and design all by itself. Serging the fabric will give a polished and professional look to the edges. It helps prevent the fabric from being frayed overtime. So, a serger will bring a smile on your sewer friend’s face.

Rotary Cutters 

Rotary Cutters are excellent to cut straight lines through layers of fabric. It comes with a safety lock and gives the required accuracy in cutting. It comes with five extra blades too. With rotary cutters, cutting piles of fabric straight will be a breeze.

Self-healing mat 

A self-healing mat, as the name suggests, does its job well. It can be placed over a table and used as a base for starting with cutting work. When a rotary cutter is used over a self-healing mat, the blades just go inside the material without cutting the mat. Most of the self-healing mats last for years.

sewing threads setSet of 100 Sewing Threads: A Rainbow For Sewers!

Though not rainbow colors exactly, but the excitement is the same. Sewers always love to stack on tons of fabric and threads. They will never say, its enough. So, this is the best choice as a gift, if you cannot decide on anything else.

Scissors – Sharp and Edgy

Scissors may not come to your mind as a gift option for your friend. But it definitely will be a useful present. Sewing involving cutting and stitching, and though a major part is done on the machine, scissors give the finishing touch. As it is used regularly, the sharpness might get affected. So it is always wise to stock on fresh pairs of scissors.

Sewing Kit 

If you are unsure about what objects your friend will have or need, relax. It is okay not to give sewing tools as a gift. A compact basket full of sewing essentials will be a thoughtful gift too. Choose a quirky printed basket spacious enough to hold sewing tools. If possible, buy some essentials and fill the basket as a surprise.

Acrylic Quilter Rulers

Such a quilter ruler is available in most online stores. It comes with contrasting dark and bright lines to make cutting easy for any colored fabric. Using this quilter ruler, you will get enough room for seams; ½” margin on the left and right side will give you an accurate cut. It is designed to be used by both left-handers as well as right-handers. Gifting this to your sewer bestie will make them work smarter and faster.

Embroidery Machine 

Do check with your friend if an embroidery machine has been on her wish list for a while. It will be easier to create a variety of designs with the help of an extensive built-in library. It is an excellent choice for people willing to make floral patterns and quilt designs at home.


This is such a versatile item that you can be sure your sewer friend will make good use of it. Lace will add extra beauty in a dress or any other project. There are many situations when the sewer thinks something is missing in the finished product. They might just need a few laces fitted to make it look perfect. You can add this item into the sewing basket too.

Sewing Pins and Quilting Pins

It takes an army of pins to create a garment. Moreover, sewers can never have enough of them. So go for, a pack of 500 specialty quilting pins which are sharp and strong. Sewing pins can also be put as one of the items in the sewing basket. Choose a pack of button head sewing pins; they are easy to take out while sewing.

Gifts For Sewers: Final Thoughts

I hope this list has something that you can buy for that special person in your life. Sewers might be wishing for even a small set of new pins for themselves. You never know! But they all have common interests in one of the above items. If possible, check their sewing space before heading to buy a gift for them. You might be able to get a gifting idea right there. Gifting is a special way to thank them for the work they did for you. They will appreciate the time and effort put behind finding the perfect present for them.

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Nancy Jenkins

Nancy is a retired seamstress who loves everything about crafting and sewing. When she is not at her sewing machine, you'll find her coming up with new patterns and designs for her sewing projects. Nancy likes the outdoors, meeting with friends, and cooking.