Learn How to Sew: Beginner’s Guide

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One can take up sewing as a profession as well as a hobby. The scope of sewing has widened in the modern world. If you have a craze for stitching, embroidery, and the latest fashion trends, try your hand to learn how to sew as well. Customize your outfits, give them an edgy look as … Read more

How To Remove Embroidery: Tools And Techniques Explained

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Embroidery is a wonderful craft that dates back to ancient times. It is believed that embroidery was an art passed down by the Greek Goddess Athena. Over time the art has evolved and has gained immense popularity. But what happens if there is a mistake in your work or an embroidered item in your procession. … Read more

How To Sew A Pillowcase: 9 Easy Steps

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If you have ever thought about designing your own bed sheets and pillows, you have probably wondered how to sew a pillowcase. Today, I am going to take you through all of the steps on how to sew your own unique pillowcase in a standard size. Everyone knows you can never have too many pillows … Read more

How To Embroider Letters: Send A Personal Message

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Embroidering is one of the best parts of sewing. Not only can you embroider personal messages onto T-shirts, pants, curtains, and lovely home decorations, but you can transmit a feeling and an emotion by beautifully embroidering names and messages onto different fabrics and giving them as gifts to loved ones. Embroidering letters can also be … Read more

Easy Sewing Projects: 13 Ideas To Get Familiar With Sawing

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There are lots of easy sewing projects out there. If you are just starting out with sewing, you’ve gotten yourself a neat little machine, you are loaded with threads, creativity, and an eagerness to get going, then you are ready for some fun and easy sewing projects. These projects do not require any particular skills. … Read more

Sewing Thread Sizes: Understand The Numbers

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The concept of sewing does not just revolve around needle and thread. Although they both are the inevitable part, there are many other areas that one must concentrate on as a beginner. For an in-depth knowledge of sewing, the user must initially know how the sewing machine works and the different patterns of sewing. The … Read more

How To Thread A Sewing Machine: The Ultimate Guide

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If you are thinking about sewing something, you will need to know how to thread a sewing machine. Believe it or not, this is one of the most complicated procedures for newbies who have never sewed anything before. And while threading a sewing machine will take a bit of time at first, with consistent practice … Read more

How To Use A Sewing Machine: The Beginner’s Guide

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Have you ever wondered how to use a sewing machine? Have you ever watched someone running fabric under the needle and contemplated to yourself, I wonder if I can do that? Well, you are about to learn how! This is a complete guide on how to use a sewing machine. This is going to be … Read more

How To Make A Baby Quilt: 4 Easy Steps Guide

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A house with babies often stocks up soft and cute quilts. Do you wish to sew a quilt for your little one? It will not require many materials as even scrap fabrics work fine for a baby quilt. It can seem daunting to choose the right materials and tools to get things done faster. Do … Read more

How To End A Stitch: Sewing Tips & Tricks

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What does it mean to end a stitch? Basically, you start sewing, you keep sewing, pushing the needle in and out, and then you get to the end… now what? You need a reliable way to end your stitch. This means you need a way to secure your stitch when it’s finished so that your … Read more

How To Make A Table Runner: Step By Step Guide

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You probably want to know how to make a table runner, but first… what is a table runner? Have you ever been to somebody’s house who was a little bit fancier than you? You may have noticed what you thought was just an ordinary decorative cloth draped across their dining table. But in fact, this … Read more

Free Sewing Patterns Online: Best Resources

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If you want to start sewing lots of different kinds of garments, accessories, and miscellaneous home decor, but you are lacking in original ideas, you may want some sewing patterns for inspiration. Luckily, you can get tons of free sewing patterns online. In fact, you can get thousands upon thousands of free sewing patterns online, … Read more